Hand forged arms from the heartland of Bohemia



We handcraft historically accurate arms of our predecessors using old traditional ways of swordsmithing.

All Swordsmithy arms are hand forged and single-handedly custom crafted by our master swordsmith.

Swordsmithy arms are suitable for reenactment and HEMA full contact training and tournaments.


We also produce museum quality replicas for collectors and movie productions.

At request we can produce arms with live blades for collectors or test cutting.


Each and all of our blades are individually hand forged, quenched and tempered.

We customise our arms according to our customers specifications to suit the height and proper grip of the user.



To customise your weapon we need to know the following details:


a) weapon type (sword, rapier, sabre, etc.)


b) overall length (from point to pommel)


c) blade type (length, width, thickness, tapering, curvature, cross section, fullers, blunt, live, etc.)


d) guard type (shape, size, etc.)


e) handle type (shape, length, diameter, hand size, left/right hander, wire, leather colour, etc.)


f) pommel type (shape, size, etc.)


g) point of balance


h) weight


i) finish (new look or aged, decorations, other, etc.)


j) height of the user


k) hand size of the user